Shadow Mountain Vineyards
Designing vines
San Diego's backcountry is dotted with boutique vineyards, where they grow and bottle award winning grapes. And, there's a mom and pop vineyard just outside Warner Springs, where it's harvest time.

Shadow Mountain Vineyards is in the middle of nowhere - 80 miles from everywhere.

It is here, on 40 acres, that Alex and his wife Pam have been planting, harvesting, crushing, fermenting, bottling and selling wines for the past 21 years.

"Ninety five percent of our wines that we produce we sell direct to the consumers, either visiting the winery and the tasting room, wine club, internet," said Alex.

When this mom and pop operation first opened in 1990, there were eight wineries in the county. Now there are 60, making San Diego the fastest growing wine region in California.

"Mother Nature is good to us," noted Alex. "We've been picking all week. All the white variety grapes."

Some of the vines on this property even preceded the McGeary's.

"Old Gus planted this vineyard in 1945 as a field blend. He put together and made what we used to call Dago Red," added Alex.

And this year's harvest in all varieties will be bountiful.

"We can grow world class grapes in San Diego County," continued Alex. "The next wine we are going to try is a Viognier, French grown grape been in the US about 30 years," said Alex.

Eighty miles from somewhere, along Highway 79, the fruit of the vine is ready to be sampled.
"Eighty miles to San Diego. Eighty miles to Palm Springs. Eighty miles to Santa Ana. Eighty miles to Brawley. Right in the middle of north central San Diego County, eastern slope of Palomar Mountain at 3400 feet," detailed Alex McGeary of Shadow Mountain Vineyards.